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How to find the best Tallinn Accommodation

I’m assuming that you’ve already worked out that it’s far better to choose Tallinn apartment rental rather than stay in a hotel (if you aren’t sure yet, have a look at this: Review of Tallinn hotels)

Here are the 5 most important things that should be on your check list when deciding between holiday apartments in Tallinn (in order of importance)

1. Location
Where you are based in Tallinn can make a big difference to your stay. You definitely want an apartment in the old town as this is where all the main sites and attractions are, but you must be careful of its exact location if you plan to get any sleep, as some parts get very noisy at night until 5 or 6am!

There are lots of Tallinn holiday apartments that are not in the old town. These are often a bit cheaper than old town apartments, but you are likely to end up spending more money and wasting precious holiday time travelling to and from all the attractions. You’ll also miss out on the great atmosphere of stepping out of your Tallinn accommodation straight into the beautiful medieval pedestrian streets.

Holiday apartments in Tallinn

If you find an old town apartment and it seems quite a bit cheaper than the others, the reason is often because it is based too close to the town square which gets very noisy at night, or it is situated a door or two away from one of the many all night bars or nightclubs (i.e. you won’t get any sleep). Sometimes the Tallinn holiday apartment owners will mention this, sometimes they won’t!

Previous clients have told us that our old town Tallinn apartments are in the perfect location on Pikk Street – just a few minutes walk from the town square, but situated where you can get a peaceful night’s sleep.

(If you are wondering what to do whilst in Tallinn, this site has lots of ideas Tallinn Tourism)

2. Apartment Size
You usually get what you pay for with Tallinn apartment rental and all Tallinn accommodation is not equal. Check the size of the apartment to see if you are getting value for money , but also take into account point 3 below.

A spacious Tallinn apartment rental

3. Apartment Interior and Facilities
Some Tallinn holiday apartments have been beautifully refurbished, keeping the original historic features and have all the modern facilities you’d expect. Whilst others have cheap, low quality interiors and aren’t maintained very well – I know, as I’ve stayed in some of these lower quality apartments thinking I was saving money, then regretted the experience!

Tallinn accommodation with high quality refurbishment

Our Tallinn accommodation at Pikk street (49) was recently renovated to a very high standard with all modern facilities and interior design by Peter Sampson, a top British designer.

4. Price
If you want value for money, you probably already know that with a Tallinn apartment rental you can get affordable luxury and the accommodation space to really enjoy your stay. The alternative is to stay in a cramped hotel room, which in the old town will be very expensive.

5. Ease of booking and ease of Check-in / Checkout
The holiday apartments Tallinn has to offer vary a lot and this is especially true when it comes to ease of booking and checking in and out. First it helps a lot if the contact for the apartment speaks fluent English.

Also ideally you want them to meet you at the apartment with the keys – this sounds obvious, but I once staying in Tallinn accommodation where I had to register and pickup the keys from one side of town whilst the apartment was on the other side of town! Our Estonian accommodation manager speaks fluent English and will meet you at the apartment with the keys.

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