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Testimonials & Recommendations

Pikk 49 provide top quality Tallinn apartment accommodation in the beautiful old town. Luxurious apartment accommodation, reasonable prices and a great location make for a wonderful place to stay during your visit to Tallinn. On this page we have gathered together some feedback from people who have stayed with us in the past, to let you know what those who have actually been guests at Pikk 49 have to say. Many of these are return customers who keep coming back to stay with us!

By far the best Tallinn accommodation I’ve stayed in and I have been going backward and forward to Tallinn for many years! I must admit it took me a few years to work out that it’s much better to stay in a Tallinn apartment than a hotel and I only really discovered that by accident. This place is in a great location and they have done an excellent job on refurbishing the apartments. Will definitely get a repeat booking from me!

- Terril Winters

Great central Tallinn apartment – made it very easy to get to all the attractions as well as the supermarket and shops. Beautiful building and apartment was very spacious and done to a high standard. Enjoyed my stay a lot and will recommend it to friends looking for accommodation in Tallinn. Thanks

- Tanya Cottee

The accommodation in Tallinn was perfect. Just what we were looking for and you were right when you said it is in the best location! To step out of our front door and be right in the heart of the old town was wonderful. Plus I was very impressed with the apartment. You have obviously put a lot of effort and thought into making this a beautiful place to stay. Thank you so much. We had a fantastic time.

- Petra Peters

Great accommodation and well worth the money. Nice to have so much space! Out of all the places I looked at in Tallinn this was the by far the best. Will recommend to friends.

- Robert Cooper

Wow – best Tallinn apartment I have stayed in. High quality throughout, loads of space and great location. Being in Pikk street was perfect for the shops, restaurants and going out in the evening. Didn’t even need to use a taxi once. Will stay here again next time I visit Tallinn.

- Marc Mutton

A friend recommended this Tallinn accommodation to me and now I’ve stayed I will highly recommend it to anyone else going! The apartment was very comfortable and had everything we needed – free internet, cable TV, kitchen, washing machine, big luxury bedroom and living room – all very nice. Made our stay all that much better :-)

- Mark Radcliffe

Best Tallinn accommodation I’ve stayed in, out of my 5 trips there. The apartment is huge and they’ve done a top rate refurbishment job, plus of course you can’t beat the location in the centre of the old town. When I called their UK phone number to book, the woman spoke fluent English, was very helpful and able to answer all my questions. Then when I arrived in Tallinn I was met at the apartment and given the keys by a very helpful woman who gave me some great ideas of where to go out. Overall, it was a very pleasant experience. On previously visits to Tallinn, I've stayed in a great apartment in a noisy location in the old town, a not very nice apartment in a great location, and had all kinds of fun trying to be understood by the apartment owners, so it was a relief to finally get it right and find a great apartment in a great location, with someone who I could actually talk with properly! I highly recommend this place and just wish I had found it on my first visit!

- William Jacobs

Our property is located on Pikk street which is the perfect place to be right in the centre of Tallinn’s old town, but also able to get a good, peaceful nights sleep. William is right to point out that many other apartments are in very noisy locations in Tallinn’s old town and the owners don’t always mention this! Plus many have very low quality interiors – I know, as I have stayed in some when our place was full.

We actually got carried away with the refurbishment and spent 3 times the budget!, but ended up with very beautiful, modern apartments, whilst still keeping the medieval character and features of the building. We hired top British designer (Peter Sampson) to design the apartment interior and he spent a lot of time finding beautiful furniture and fittings from Estonia and Europe.

Thanks for the review William and everyone else, glad you thought it was the best accommodation you’ve stayed in whilst visiting Tallinn.