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Today is the Tallinn fire and ice Sculpture World Championships, part of the European Capital of Culture 2011 program. On January 16, the semifinals will take place at the Admiralty Pool. The final is on January 22 in Old Town, informs LETA. Tallinn will host teams from South Korea, Russia, France, Finland, Sweden and other countries, Tallinners have three chances to witness evergreens going up in smoke. Tallinn residents are called on to donate their Christmas trees as fodder for blazing sculptures to be lighted at the First Fire Sculpture World Championships.

The Tallinn Light Festival will be celebrated for 11th time in January 2011. If you are on holiday in Tallinn or visiting for any other reason it is certainly worth seeing. You can view the video below to see some of last years event. By using natural elements like fire, snow ice and Christmas trees, the organizers aim to brighten up the city’s cultural scene for both children and adults in a seasonal, magical, cosy and sustainable way. All events are free of charge.

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The Fire and Ice Festival in Tallinn

The Tallinn Light Festival’s Fire and Ice Celebration has been lighting up the dark Estonian winters for the past 11 years. The focal point of the celebration is the play of light and fire, which involves burning fire sculptures and Christmas trees. Many people time their Tallinn holiday especially to come to the festival. Tallinn will be the European Capital of Culture in 2011 and the Fire and Ice Celebration in January will be one of its main events.

Ice and snow sculptures

The dignified and majestic counterparts of the fire play are the shiny ice and snow sculptures. The ice and snow sculptures have been crafted in the framework of the Tallinn Light Festival for years; starting from 2004 the snow castle tradition was added to the event to the great satisfaction of children. Ice sculpture history is a bit shorter, but they have won the citizens’ hearts and bring as much joy to the viewers as the fire sculptures do.

Both the fire and ice sculptures are the perfect accompaniments to the Nordic winter and they offer the viewers aesthetic enjoyment. The Tallinn Light Festival’s conception supports various culture fields and gives an opportunity to both professionals and amateurs to join in on the action.

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