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Book Tallinn Apartments

We all go on holiday for a bit of cultural enlightenment & to learn a little of the local language but if we are honest it can sometimes just be a bit of hard work, especially when it comes to organising your trip. Here at Pikk 49 Apartment Accommodation Tallinn we are all either native English or at least fluent in English, with the added benefit of knowing Tallinn extremely well.

In the planning stages of your trip we are on hand to help with giving advice on the logistics of traveling to Tallinn and can clearly explain the options for renting apartments in the old town. The whole accommodation booking process is done in English so that their is no confusion as to the length of your stay or type of apartment you are booking.

Not only can our English be helpful for planing your trip before you depart but also during your stay we are able to give advice on everything from what to see, where to eat, where to go out at night and other general useful insider tips on Tallinn that will make all the difference to your visit.

Enjoy Tallinn this coming year and if you choose to stay at Pikk 49 Apartment Accommodation Tallinn, we hope to help make your holiday even better!

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Tallinn Christmas Holiday

We just wanted to let everyone coming to Tallinn for their Christmas break know that we have some great Tallinn Accommodation Christmas Special Offers which will make your festive holidays even more enjoyable!

Here in Tallinn, you can almost be certain to get a classic white Christmas and with many festive events such as the Tallinn Christmas Market, you can be sure to have a Christmas break to remember.

Our affordable, luxury serviced apartments are in the most traditional, cosiest part of Tallinn, just off the main town square and within walking distance of all the best things to do and see at this time of year.

Enjoy your Christmas in Tallinn.

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Tallinn Markets and Shops

Tallinn’s old city’s is great for crafts and shops. One especially quaint shopping zone is along the Katariina passage (Katariina käik), off Vene street (I-3). A string of tastefully done craft studios/shops in medieval buildings sell handmade wares that are made on the spot, from leather and hats to glass and quilts. This place is a must for tourists on the prowl for high-quality souvenirs. Lühike jalg has a range of tasteful craft stores featuring the work of Estonian artists. Committed hagglers should hit the outdoor markets.

Opening hours are generally from 10:00-19:00. Many shops close early Saturday, with the exception of the big malls and grocery stores, most Tallinn stores are closed Sundays.

Tallinn Handicrafts Market
Located at Mere Puiestee this Tallinn market offers a lot of souvenirs, many of them from Russian origin. You will see everything from carvings, amber, matyroshka dolls to hand-knitted jackets.

Some craftsmen sell their wares along the street, like on Müürivahe in the old city. Prices are cheaper than in stores and Estonian artisans excel in leather goods, ceramics, wool, jewelry and wrought iron. Woven snowflake-design sweaters are also classics. Look for colorful national costumes.

Tallinn Knitting Market
Held in front of the medieval city wall, the knitting market is a daily non-food market mostly selling warm clothes with typical Estonian patterns. You’ll find jackets, wool, socks and hats, mostly sold buy women who are already working on the next item to put on their tables. This is the best place to buy a typical Estonian souvenir.

Tallinn Flower Market
Even if you are just browsing, the Tallinn flower market is a great place spend some time looking around. It is located in the new part of town, just outside the gates of the main entrance to the old town. You can see flowers of every type and it really adds some colour to this part of Tallinn!

Tallinn Wool Market
A quaint and pretty market where you can buy all kinds of hand knitted items. The emphasis is on Finnish or Nordic types of knit, many with tiny reindeer prancing around on hats and jumpers and cardigans. The stalls are wooden huts decorated with white fairy lights. Many stock similar items, but it’s worth wandering from one to another and doing a little bargaining. Prices are very reasonable.

Tallinn’s Market Square
In front of the City Hall is the oldest market in town. It has always been a location for markets and fairs. Around the square there are outdoor cafes, restaurants and small shops. Also, since 1441 the annual Christmas Market has taken place here…

Tallinn Christmas Market
November 26 – January 8, 2013

For the third year Rotermann Square, is the home for the main market and is the perfect setting for the little huts and the Christmas tree that people are already familiar with. There’s no better time to be in Tallinn than during the holiday season. Estonia’s medieval capital is inherently festive, particularly under the quilt of snow that the city’s latitude dumps each December. And though temperatures do dip quite drastically this time of year, the city’s celebratory atmosphere does well to dispel the cold.

Though Tallinn’s Christmas market only became a yearly tradition in 2001, it has already established itself as amongst the most well-loved and happily-visited Christmas markets in Europe. Certainly what it lacks in tradition it makes up for in atmosphere and ambiance, dispelling December’s darkness with colourful lights, music and activity.

Surrounding an enormous Christmas tree hung with lights and decorations, artisans sell a variety of original products including felted wool hats and slippers, buckwheat pillows, wooden bowls, wickerwork, elaborate quilts, ceramic and glassware, little sea-grass animals (so Estonian), homemade candles, wreaths and other decorations.

Holiday shows are common on the cobbled square and traditional Estonian holiday food is also served: pork, sauerkraut and blood sausages, hot soups, stir-fries. Other traditional treats include gingerbread, marzipan, various local honeys, cookies, nuts and sweets. Hot mulled wine poured from large wooden barrels keeps the crowds warm.

Tallinn Shops
Tallinn is very ‘modern shopper’ friendly and has more to offer than just the traditional handcrafts. The best places to find quality fashion, shoes, perfume and the like are the elegant boutiques along Old Town’s Viru and Müürivahe streets, and the large, full-service department stores and malls that have recently been appearing all over Tallinn.

Happy Shopping!

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The rich history of Tallinn, Estonia can be explored by visiting one of its many museums. To help narrow down the options we have compiled a list of the top 5 Tallinn Museums.

Tallinn KGB Museum

1. KGB Museum
In Soviet time Hotel Viru was good enough to accommodate foreigners. It also had to be good enough for the KGB … The museum represents a collection of the stories of two worlds. In one of them, mostly existing on paper, happy Soviet people enjoyed a life of plenty and friendship, led by a single wise political party. The other world – the real one – had a nature much more diverse and complicated.

Voted by many as one of the Top Museums to visit…
“Fascinating tour, great slice of soviet history and the guide did a great job of providing insight in a compelling way. Definitely visit it.”

2. The Kumu Art Museum
The museum site is located on four hectares in Tallinn, on the limestone bank of Lasnamägi next to Kadriorg Park. The office of the President of the Republic of Estonia and Kadriorg Palace, which is a part of the Art Museum, lie in the vicinity of the art museum. The building has seven floors, including technical floors, and the total area is 23 900 m². In 2004 the new museum got its name – Kumu – in an open competition.

The Kumu (KUnstiMUuseum) Art Museum is a modern multifunctional art building, which contains exhibition halls, a lecture hall offering diverse facilities, and an educational centre for young visitors and for art lovers.

The Kumu offers various exciting tours. Come to the Kumu to see, hear, think and experiment!
Tour fee is 48 €. Tours can be booked in Russian, English, Finnish and German. Other languages upon agreement.
The museum ticket price is added to the tour fee.

3. Tallinn City Museum
The Museum introduce the visitors into the city life and the relative development. The exhibitions plans are dedicated to twentieth century, the wars, the Soviet occupation and finally the independence. Tallinn City Museum is a collection of 8 different museums. Out of these, the main building is generally preferred as the Tallinn City Museum. It is located at the Vene Street 17 in Tallinn city of Estonia.

The museum holds a permanent exhibition which displays the rich history of Tallinn city. Tourists can see the artifacts belonging to different eras, which range from the medieval times till the date of Tallinn’s independence.

4. Estonian Open Air Museum
Outside the city centre, on the seashore in Rocca al Mare, there’s Estonian Open Air Museum, where you can see Estonian rural architecture and village life from the 18th to the 20th centuries. There is a church, a tavern, a school, some mills, a fire station, etc. The museum’s 12 farms give an overview of how people with different economic conditions lived in the olden times. It’s a great place to pass time and gain some wisdom in every season.

5. Kiek in de Kök
The museum inside this great artillery tower (whose name means “peep into the kitchen” in low German because from the upper floors soldiers could peer into the houses of the lower town) is interesting, but don’t miss a guided tour of its limestone bastion passages, which reopened in March with new video and sound effects. Built to conceal the movement of soldiers, the 500m of passages (half are still being dug out) were used as a bomb shelter during the 1944 Soviet bombings, and inhabited by a large community of homeless people in the 1990s.

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