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Here are the restaurants in Tallinn that we like the most:

1. Cafe VS – Indian food (address: Parnu mnt. 28) tel: +372 6272627

Cafe VS restaurantThis is our favourite Tallinn restuarant. If you like a good curry and also great value for money you’re very much in luck. Cafe VS boasts the best Indian cuisine this side of Brick Lane, and has classic dishes like Jalfrezi, Tikka Masala and Madras, plus many other great things to choose from. If you fancy something other than a curry there is an equally delicious European menu. Cafe VS also doubles as a bar, so after you’ve stuffed yourself silly, you can enjoy a cool beer or one of the many great cocktails. When trying to find Cafe VS, look for the big metal submarine door and you’ll know you have come to the right place! This restaurant also has very interesting interior design. Cafe VS restaurant website

2. Eesti Maja Restaurant – Estonian food (address: Lauteri 1) tel: +372 6455252

Eesti Maja restaurantWhat do you mean you haven’t tried the world-famous Estonian cuisine? Whilst in Tallinn, you simply must grab the chance to sample some of the country’s best dishes, at the renowned Eesti Maja Restaurant. Favourites form the menu include: marinated eel, blood sausage, jellied pork, baltic sprats with bacon and, of course, tongue in horseradish sauce. A lot of the national cuisine descends from peasant times, when the frugal lifestyle of the average Estonian meant they had to make the most of any potential meat sources. Presumably that’s why you’ll find a dish on the menu called ‘A Fellow Estonian’. The unfortunate victim also comes with free drinks and dessert as an extra incentive towards cannabalism!

3. Silk – Japanese food (address: Kullassepa 4) tel: +372 6484625

Silk Tallinn restaurantThis place is trendy, stylish, and has great food. For a restaurant in Tallinn it is quite expensive, but worth it! There is a huge selection of creative, beautiful looking and very tasty sushi, as well as other typical Japanese dishes. The fish is very high quality and you can see that a lot of thought and effort has gone into preparing the dishes. The interior design is modern and minimalistic with cool wooden floors, sushi mat wallpaper and velvet covered chairs and sofas. This restaurant is in a great location, just off of Tallinn’s main square. The sunny patio gives you free entertainment with your meal from watching the crowds of people going by. For dessert, you can try the green tea- or tempura-flavoured ice cream, plus the many other delicious treats. There is another Silk sushi location at Navra mnt. 15.Silk restaurant website.

4. Olde Hansa – Medieval (address: Vana turg 1) tel: +372 6279020

Olde Hansa restaurant in tallinnIf you have ever wanted the experience of being at a feast from the Middle Ages, then you won’t get any closer than a meal at the Olde Hansa restaurant. The dedication to detail in bringing Tallinn’s golden age back to life is quite incredible. Wooden benches are laid out with boar skin covers, flickering candles provide atmospheric lighting and a group of string-plucking musicians complete the ambiance in style. And now for the food; the recipes and ingredients have been meticulously researched to make sure your dinner tastes exactly the same as in times yore – even the methods of cooking have been copied! Plus of course you are served by buxom wenches in traditional costumes and can order wash down your feast with a few jugs of honey beer. Olde Hansa website

5. Vertigo – International (address: Ravala Pst. 4, 9th floor) tel: +372 6663456

Vertigo restaurantLocated in the 9th floor penthouse of a stylish new business complex in Tallinn’s quickly modernising city centre, Vertigo is one of the newest, and most talked about upscale restaurants in Tallinn. Estonian celebrity chef Imre Kose’s latest venture is three restaurants in one: sexy daytime brasserie and lounge, classic fine dining area with exclusive menu, and a summer rooftop terrace twice the size of the indoor space, serving famous Mojito Deluxe cocktails. There are fantastic views over Tallinn’s Old Town and out to sea are. The fine food uses the freshest ingredients and international expertise to create a modern Estonian cuisine. Enjoy sushi, risottos, and grill and wok dishes in the savvy lounge or head to the formal fine dining restaurant where you can try Ostrich fillet pastrami with mousse de foie gras and truffle salad. A great Tallinn restaurant for some sophisticated indulgence.

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Here are the 3 most useful Tallinn maps:

1) The map of the old town is particularly important if you are visiting Tallinn for a holiday as this is where the majority of the main attractions are. The medieval old town is fairly small and ideally this is where you will be staying. On the Tallinn map below you can find the main square (approximately in the middle of the map) and from here most of the sites are within easy reach.

Map of Tallinn old town

2) The next map shows a bigger view of Tallinn including the port, the train station and the main road to Pirita (where there is a very good beach). You can also see the main areas of Tallinn and the parks.

Map of Tallinn

3) This last map is of the whole of Estonia with the main towns marked on and showing where Tallinn is positioned within Estonia and where Estonia is positioned within Eruope. As you can see on the map Tallinn borders Russia and Latvia and is just a short ferry trip to helsinki in Finland

Map of Estonia

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Here is the up to date weather in Tallinn (6 day forecast):

If you are planning a trip to Tallinn, whatever the weather, there are loads of great things to do and see. Have a look through the rest of our blog posts for reviews of the best things to do in Tallinn.

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6 Day Weather Forecast For Tallinn Estonia

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Whenever you visit Tallinn you are sure to have a great time. Going in the winter, even though the weather is cold (-10 or lower is normal) there is nothing quite like seeing the old town covered in snow and drinking hot wine in an old style tavern.

In the summer the weather can be hot enough to enjoy the beach. You can walk from the old town to the sea, but for the beach, the best place to head to is Pirita, which is about 15 minutes by taxi.

Even if it is miserable and raining there is plenty to do in Tallinn indoors. A couple of good ideas to get you started would be seeing inside Alexander Nevski Cathedral and going to the Kumu Art Museum. Of course, there are also all the great shops, restaurants and cafes.

From experience, Tallinn weather is generally pretty pleasant with not many rainy days and plenty of sun in the summer. So depending on when you are going, remember to pack your warm coat or your swimming things and have a great time in Estonia 🙂

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If you are planning to go from Helsinki to Tallinn by ferry below are the 4 main things that you need to know…

The ferry from Helsinki to Tallinn

1. Useful info about the Helsinki to Tallinn ferry crossing
Ferries sail from Helsinki to Tallinn 5 times a day and the crossing takes approximately 2 hours. There is a buffet restaurant which serves breakfast and full meals during the day.

The ferry from Helsinki to Tallinn makes the voyage in just less than two hours, although you save a further 30 minutes by booking a place on a catamaran. The larger ferries can carry up to seven hundred passengers at speeds of almost 42 knots. Ferries operate in daylight hours (7.30am-7.30pm) and prices depend on month and time of travel, although it’s generally cheaper to start early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

Advanced booking on the Helsinki Tallinn ferry is recommended, but not essential. Vehicles can be taken on all catamarans and most passenger ferries.

2. The main ticket providers for going from Helsinki to Tallinn by ferry
Competition is fierce between the ferries to Tallinn and you currently have several Helsinki Tallinn ferry ticket providers to choose from: Viking Line and Nordic Jet Line, TallinkSilja Ferries, Direct Ferries. Tickets can be bought online by visiting one of the ferry operator’s websites or through your local travel agent.

3. Tallinn accommodation
Tallinn is a fascinating city with lots to do and see, so make sure you have planned for at least a few nights there. If you want somewhere to stay near Tallinn ferry port or want accommodation in the historical old town have a look at our Tallinn accommodation.

4. How To Get To Helsinki Ferry Port
Helsinki West Terminal
Used for Ferries to Tallinn, the West terminal is approximately 2.4 km from Helsinki city centre, 179 km from Tampere and 166 km from Turku. From Tampere take the E12 to Helsinki and from Turku E18.

Helsinki Ferry port address:
West Harbour Terminal, Länsiterminaali L4, Hietasaarenkuja 8, 00220 Helsinki
Tel. +358 600 157 00

Getting the ferry from Helsinki to Tallinn is relatively cheap, quick and simple which makes the Helsinki Tallinn trip a very popular choice with holiday makers. With regular and reliable ferries to Tallinn it is an ideally addition to your holiday plans. We hope you enjoy your visit.

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