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Tallinn Hotel or Tallinn Apartment?

There are many Tallinn hotels to choose from, but the smart choice if you want affordable luxury is to stay in a beautiful Tallinn apartment in a historical building in the medieval old town. There are many, many benefits over Tallinn hotels, as you can see below. Click here to see our Tallinn apartments - perfect for your Tallinn holiday or business trip.

Why staying in our Tallinn apartments is better than a Tallinn hotel

  • Far more space for your money
    Typical Tallinn hotels are much like hotels anywhere - average to small sized bedroom and bathroom. Yet with our apartments you get a very spacious luxurious apartment.
  • Better location than most hotels
    Hotels in Tallinn are often not near the center of the old town. Our Tallinn accommodation is just 2 mins walk from the town square!
  • Pictures showing benefits of a tallinn apartment over a tallinn hotel
  • Luxury interior, beyond Tallinn hotels
    Our Tallinn apartments were recently renovated to a very high standard with interior design by Peter Sampson, a top British designer.
  • More convenient than a hotel room

    A typical hotel in Tallinn can not compete. Our apartments have a fully equipped kitchen, washing machine, Wireless internet, Cable TV, plus much more

  • Far better for entertaining or relaxing
    Your own luxury apartment is a lot better than a hotel in Tallinn for entertaining guests or just relaxing.
  • Greater privacy and more homely
    Avoid the noise and interruptions of many hotels in Tallinn. You can relax without disturbance in your private apartment

More and more people are becoming wise to the many benefits of staying in a Tallinn apartment. Also if you choose to stay with us, our Tallinn accommodation is in the very best location in the medieval old town. This means that the best sites and attractions are within easy reach.

So if you are deciding were to stay, you can now see how much better apartment accommodation is. Hotels in Tallinn, like in most other places tend to be expensive, with rooms that are fairly small, not very comfortable and not very convenient for entertaining guests or even just relaxing. Whereas our Pikk 49 Tallinn accommodation gives you an affordable luxury apartment with all the space and facilities you need to relax in style.

See full details and check availability of our Tallinn accommodation. View our Pikk 49 apartments in Tallinn price list.