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If you are planning a trip to Tallinn, Estonia either for holiday or on business, you will need to decide on your Tallinn accommodation. One of the first choices is whether to stay in a Tallinn hotel or a Tallinn apartment. These days, more and more people are becoming wise to the benefits of staying in serviced apartments instead of a hotel.

A typical Tallinn hotel is much like hotels anywhere. Hotel rooms tend to be small and expensive and often aren’t in the best locations, unless you are prepared to pay top rates. Whereas a Tallinn apartment can give you spacious, luxurious accommodation in the best possible location for a similar price to a small cramped Tallinn hotel room. Have a look at the high standard of accommodation you can get with a beautiful serviced Tallinn apartment in the heart of the Medieval Old Town.

Whatever Tallinn accommodation you choose, you are sure to have a great time. Watch this short video for a quick preview of what Tallinn has to offer…

A quick look at the attractions of Tallinn, Estonia.

Benefits of a Tallinn apartment over a Tallinn hotel

Far more space for your money

With your average Tallinn hotel you get a small to medium sized bedroom and bathroom. Yet with a serviced Tallinn apartment you can get a very spacious luxurious place to stay – big enough to relax in style or even entertain guests if you choose!

Luxury interior of a higher standard than most Tallinn hotels

It obviously depends on the particular Tallinn accommodation you find, but as an example, every Tallinn apartment in our Pikk49 historic old town building, was recently renovated to a very high standard with interior design by Peter Sampson, a top British designer. See full details and pictures of our affordable luxury Tallinn holiday apartments here.

Better location than most Tallinn hotels
Staying in a Tallinn hotel at a reasonable price, usually means you are not going to be near the center of the old town. Our Tallinn accommodation is just 2 minutes walk from the town square! The perfect location, that you would otherwise only get if you paid top prices in select Tallinn hotels.

More convenient than a hotel room

A luxury serviced Tallinn apartment in our Pikk49 historic old town building gives you all modern convenience. A typical Tallinn hotel simply cannot compete. Our apartments have a fully equipped kitchen, washing machine, Wireless internet, Cable TV, luxury designer furniture, plus much more.

To help you with your general holiday research the Wikipedia website has some interesting and useful facts about Tallinn.

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