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Spacious Tallinn Accommodation

With so many options to choose from when deciding on your Tallinn accommodation, how do you know what the right solution is?
We really believe the smart choice, if you want affordable luxury is to stay in a beautiful Tallinn apartment in a historical building in the medieval old town.

There are many benefits over staying in a Tallinn hotel:

1. Far more space for your money
Typical Tallinn hotels are much like hotels anywhere – average to small sized bedroom and bathroom, unlike our spacious apartments.

2. Better location than most hotels
Hotels in Tallinn are often not near the center of the old town. Our Tallinn accommodation is just 2 mins walk from the town square!

3. Luxury interior, beyond Tallinn hotels
Our Tallinn apartments were recently renovated to a very high standard with interior design by Peter Sampson, a top British designer.

4. More convenient than a hotel room
A typical hotel in Tallinn can not compete. Our apartments have a fully equipped kitchen, washing machine, Wireless internet, Cable TV, plus much more

5. Greater privacy and more homely
Avoid the noise and interruptions of many hotels in Tallinn. You can relax without disturbance in your private apartment

More and more people are becoming wise to the many benefits of staying in a Tallinn apartment. Also if you choose to stay with us, our Tallinn accommodation is in the very best location in the medieval old town. This means that the best sites and attractions are within easy reach.

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As a tourist visiting Tallinn, you will find our Tallinn Tourism information below has everything you need to know.

After living in Tallinn for many years we will give you here the inside info on all the best places to go, plus the top things to do and see. Also if you want somewhere to stay in a great central location, check out our affordable luxury Tallinn accommodation.

First, lets take a leisurely ‘video’ stroll around Estonia’s delightful capital, so you can see all the major landmarks of this well-preserved medieval walled city.

Whether summer or winter, Tourism in Tallinn is increasing each year as more and more people discover this beautiful city. To help make your visit ever better, here are links to four more things you’ll probably want to know about:

1) The 5 top Tallinn restuarants we like the best
(If you are staying in accommodation in Tallinn’s old town these are all within an easy walk)

2) Useful maps of Tallinn
(The old town, a bigger view including the port and train station, and a map of Estonia)

3) Tallinn weather
(Tourism is big in Tallinn all year around as the city gets beautiful snowy winters, and warm sunny summers)

4) Top 5 Tallinn clubs
(If you want to experience some estonian nightlife make sure you look at this)

We hope you found our Tallinn tourism blog useful and remember to have a look at our Tallinn accommodation if you want somewhere great to stay.

For more detailed information and facts you can also look on the official tallinn tourism website

Remember to look at our other blog posts: Tallinn Travel Guide & Tallinn Reviews, essential Tallinn travel facts, great things to do in Tallinn, Tallinn accommodation and our Tallinn guide info.

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