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The dates for Tallinn Music Week are 24th, 25th and 26 March 2011

This festival is a showcase for the fantastic range of Estonian music talent, as well as having bands from neighbouring countries such as: Finland, Latvia and Lithuania. It’s held at numerous venues in the beautiful old city capital of Tallinn, with about 100 breaking acts all playing. This is an event where Tallinn reviews its music talent and invites the World to enjoy the party as well. (See our great Tallinn accommodation in the very best location for Tallinn music week).

The event started out in 2009, a year that was declared the Year of Innovation in Estonia. Having partnered up with the foundation Tallinn 2011 (Tallinn is the European Culture Capital in 2011!) and the country’s very own brain child Skype, it is a new and fresh initiative with an aim of integrating the Estonian music industry effectively into the European industry circuit, thus providing a new platform for the country’s best talent to spread further from its country’s borders.

Have a look below at last year’s Tallinn music week video to get a good idea of the event:

Tallinn Music Week is an important event, not just for the bands and artists involved, but also to show the world that there is more to Tallinn, Estonia than site seeing in the historic old town.

One of the Tallinn reviews for the music week:

“The general standard of bands was higher than expected. From good singer songwriters, folk/roots acts to original electronic pop/punk acts. Tallinn is a beautiful place to take a dive into the Estonian music scene — great venues and warm atmosphere in beautiful surroundings.”
– Robert Meijerink EuroSonic

Tallinn’s Rock Cafe venue – one of the many venues for the Tallinn music week and within easy walking distance of Tallinn accommodation in the old town.

One of the Tallinn music week venues

Tallinn seems an unusual place for a music festival, and it is, but that adds to the appeal of the weekend. There is some great Tallinn accommodation within walking distance of the main events and trudging through ancient snow covered streets to get from one venue to another is just as fun as marching across a muddy English field in Reading or Leeds.

Then there are the added benefits of beautiful architecture, fantastic Tallinn accommodation, gorgeous women and an abundance of cheap Russian vodka. The more adventurous can sample the local delicacy of bear flesh: how many English music festival goes can make such a boast when they return from Glastonbury?

As the bands are confirmed we will be adding the line up to this blog.

An event at the Tallinn music week

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The Bands
2onONE – Rein Rannap ja Mihkel Mattiisen | Aare Külama | Aare-Paul Lattik | Abraham\’s Cafe | Age Juurikas (piano) | Aides | Alan McKim | AMOEBA | Andreas Lend | Anna-Liisa Bezrodny | Antonina | Öökülm | Badass Yuki | Beebilõust | Before The Dawn | Burn Still | Catnap | Ceremonial Perfection | Cleaning Women | Collegium Musicale | Colours of Bubbles | Devon Sproule | Diskreetse Mango Trio | Doktor Normal & MC Roki | Dramamama | Driven | EIMIC | Endrik Üksvärav | Evestus | Ewert and The Two Dragons | Fredator | French Films | Gjangsta | Goran Gora and The Yrs | Goresoerd | Helena Tulve | Her Memorial Discourse | Herald | Highmachine | Honey Power | Ingrid Kõrvits | Jaak Lutsoja “Contrarian Grooving” | Jaakko Laitinen & Väärä Raha | James Reipas | Junk Riot | Knihv | Kosmofon | Kreatiivmootor | Kristina Kriit | Laika Virgin | Lenna | Lin’s System | Malcolm Lincoln | Malle Maltis | Mari Kalkun & band | Mari Pokinen | Marko Martin | Mati Mikalai ja Kai Ratassepp | Mälutagune | Mälutagune | Metsakutsu | Metsatöll | Mikk Dede | Mimicry | Mujuice | Multiphonic Rodent | Murmansk | Nevesis | New Tallinn Trio | Nikns Suns | Noisebleed | NolensVolens | Oksana Sinkova | Okym Riim | Oleg Pissarenko Band | Oliver Kuusik | Oort | Out-Or | Pageant | Pastacas | Pärt Uusberg | Raul Sööt Deeper Sound | Raun Juurikas | Reket | Resonabilis | Risto Joost | Romb | Rouge Madame | Sex Drive Live | Shirubi Ikazuchi | Sigrid Kuulmann | Silverstique | Slinghunt | Soundarcade | State of Zoe | Systeam | Tallinn Daggers | Tallinna Kammerorkester / Tallinn Chamber Orchestra | Tallinna Muusikakeskkooli noortekoor / Youth Choir of Tallinn Music High School | Tõnu Kõrvits | Tiiu Kiik | Tiiu Sisask | Toivo Tulev | Trio Madrigale | Trio Sooäär-Vaigla-Ruben | UMA | Unna Torm | Urmas Sisask | Väljasõit rohelisse | Viljandi Guitar Trio | Virgo Veldi | Vox Clamantis | Woodpecker Project (LV) | Zahir |

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