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Tallinn Average Temperatures

Tallinn has nicely varied seasons, from cold snowy winters through to warm beach going weather in the summer. Whenever you visit Tallinn you are sure to experience some great things, during the winter the old town looks Christmas postcard perfect, covered in snow. In summertime the weather can be hot enough to enjoy a day at one of Tallinn’s many beaches. You can walk from the old town to the sea, but for the beach, the best place to head to is Pirita, which is about 15 minutes by taxi.

If the weather is not up to scratch then there are many more things you can still do in Tallinn. Check out our Things to Do In Tallinn post for some ideas of what you can get up to. If you just want to relax and enjoy a spa treatment whilst safe from the weather, read our Guide to the Top 3 Spas In Tallinn.

For a great way to visually see what is happening with the weather in Tallinn right now, take a look at our post which lists all the best Tallinn Web Cameras.

Finally, here is a quick round up of the best Tallinn weather forecast websites:
1. UK Weather – gives a really good variety of weather forecasts for Tallinn, including daily, 10 day and seasonal averages.

2. Weather Forecast – Gives daily and 10 day forecasts for Tallinn but also provides weather maps, webcams and photos from the area.

3. Met Office – A good concise 5 day weather forecast for Tallinn. It gives extra info such as wind speed/direction, pressure, humidity and visibility.

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