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Here is our Tallinn by night guide to the best bars and clubbing in Tallinn:

1. Cafe VS bar – (address: Parnu mnt. 28) tel: +372 6272627

Cafe VS is one of top Tallinn barsVS tops most Tallinn bars when it comes to great interior design and the experience starts with the heavy submarine front door. Once inside, the walls are made of gleaming metal, chairs and tables are fashioned from hammered aluminium, space-age lights rotate from hanging girders and TV screens are fixed into the walls like security monitors. The bar has a great range of drinks, the service is good and the waitresses dress with a slight degree of naughty. If you get hungry there is also a very good indian restuarant here which includes a good menu for vegetarians. Interesting interior, good serive and great value make VS a Tallinn night spot well worth visiting. Cafe VS bar website

2. Beer House – (address: Dunkri 5) tel: +372 627-6520

Visit the Beerhouse on your Tallinn night outOur Tallinn by night reviews would not be complete without this raucous and fun German beer hall and micro-brewery. The interior has a country-inn feel and is vast, with German and Estonian schlager music playing in the background. There is a great choice of beers and make sure you try the surprising in-house beer. There is also country food at very good prices. If the weather’s good, you can sit on the giant outdoor terrace. So if you love your beer and want a great place to start your night out, before going clubbing in Tallinn this bar should definately be on your check list. Beer House website

3. Depeche Mode Bar – (address: Nunne 4) tel: +372 6442350

Depeche Mode bar is an interesting place to go clubbing in TallinnIf you want a unique experience on your Tallinn night out make sure you visit this bar. You’d probably be surprised by the popularity of Depeche Mode in Eastern Europe. In the UK Depeche mode are largely ignored and considered by many as synth-poppers who refused to go away long after their shelf-life was up (ie. 1985) – Whereas anywhere East of Berlin, the boys from Basildon are worshipped as rock Gods. This may help Westerners understand why the Depeche Mode Bar exists. Anyway, if you want to go clubbing in Tallinn, get drunk with a bunch of strangers and sing along to ‘Enjoy the Silence’ then this bar / club is a must. This is one of the Tallinn bars you are sure to remember. Depeche Mode Bar website

4. Nimeta Bar / The Pub with no name – (address: Suur-Karja 4) tel: +372 6411515

The Nimeta bar is a great place to enjoy Tallinn by nightWe all know the whole point of going abroad is to experience new cultures, meet new people and to sample something different from your night life… But sometimes you just can’t handle any more local Tallinn bars with their crazy foreigners and their crazy foreign ways! What you want is a good traditional British boozer, with cheap beer, a happy hour, live sports on two big screens and decent bar food – so that you can enjoy the FA Cup whilst your mates traipse round the whole of Tallinn trying to sort out tomorrows sight seeing schedule. When you want a break from exploring Tallinn at night, the nimeta bar is a great place to go for a taste of home. The Nimeta Bar website

5. Hell Hunt – (address: Pikk 39) tel: +372 681-8333

For a great Tallinn night visit the Hell HuntAfter a fairly recent refurbishment, Tallinn’s first real tavern has been charmingly re-born as a more upscale version of the excellent bar it always was. Situated on fashionable Pikk street, Hell Hunt is usually a very lively bar with a great atmosphere. If you are planning to go clubbing in Tallinn and want somewhere for a few drinks to get in the right mood make sure you visit this bar. They also have their own beer, which is a good brew at a good price. And the attentive and helpful staff will even serve you a shepherd’s pie after the kitchen has closed. All in all, a great Tallinn night can be had at the Hell Hunt. Hell hunt website

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