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We all go on holiday for a bit of cultural enlightenment & to learn a little of the local language but if we are honest it can sometimes just be a bit of hard work, especially when it comes to organising your trip. Here at Pikk 49 Apartment Accommodation Tallinn we are all either native English or at least fluent in English, with the added benefit of knowing Tallinn extremely well.

In the planning stages of your trip we are on hand to help with giving advice on the logistics of traveling to Tallinn and can clearly explain the options for renting apartments in the old town. The whole accommodation booking process is done in English so that their is no confusion as to the length of your stay or type of apartment you are booking.

Not only can our English be helpful for planing your trip before you depart but also during your stay we are able to give advice on everything from what to see, where to eat, where to go out at night and other general useful insider tips on Tallinn that will make all the difference to your visit.

Enjoy Tallinn this coming year and if you choose to stay at Pikk 49 Apartment Accommodation Tallinn, we hope to help make your holiday even better!

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