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Prangli Island Tallinn

Prangli Island
Regular full-day tours to Prangli Island take place from May to August, every Wednesday and Friday from 8:00 to 18:00. Last tours in September are held on Friday September 9th and Monday September 12th. The tours start and finish in the Tallinn city centre, at the parking area next to the Tallinn 2011 info centre, Rotermanni 14. Pick up from centrally located hotels can also be arranged. The price of the tour is 59 EUR for adults and 45 EUR for children (6-12 years). Tours should be booked by 16:00 on the day before departure at the latest. It’s also possible to show up at the tour’s departure without booking, but you will not be guaranteed a space. Tours might be sold out during the high season.

There have been many glowing reviews left about the Prangli Island Tours, one such positive review…
“I travel often and this is definitely one of the more unique day tours I have been on. Our tour guide is wonderful: knowledgeable, friendly, and very sweet. She sets the tone for the trip, and our tour was one of the most entertaining and fun-filled tours I’ve been on. From the ferry trip to Prangli island to the rugged beauty of the coastline and quaint, rural village, everything is special and memorable about this tour. I highly recommend this–it is off the beaten path and absolutely worth it. And if your tour is anything like the one I was on, you will come away with your heart full and your soul satisfied. Thanks a million, Annika and Prangli Island Tours! I’m looking forward to coming back with my husband!”

Naissaar Island
A former military base and a great island for exploring nature, just off the coast of Tallinn. Naisaar is know for its beautiful beaches. You can explore the sights, which include artillery stations, a Soviet sea mine factory, a working railway, a museum, a restaurant and a church. Jeep/truck tours and bike rental are both good ways to get around the island. During the Nargen Festival many concerts and performances take place on the island.

Aegna Island
The Island of Aegna is located in the north-eastern part of the Gulf of Tallinn in the immediate vicinity of Viimsi Peninsula. There are a number of historic object such as the Peter the Great’s coastal defence battery maritime fortress from World War I. There are three beaches with campsites and three nature trails on Aegna.

Just when you thought you had seen everything Tallinn has to offer this selection of the best islands around Tallinn give you a whole new dimension to explore!

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